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Lake George

George, Lake


located within St. Johns River Watershed

Associated Names

  • There are no associated names for this body of water.

2017 Fish Advisory In Effect

This water resource has a fish advisory in effect. Please see the Florida Fish Advisories publication.

Water Resource Characteristics

Size and Volume

Surface Area 44,439 acres
Mean Depth Not Available
Maximum Depth Not Available
Approximate Volume Not Available


Watershed St. Johns River Watershed
Latitude 29° 17' 03"
Longitude 81° 35' 44"
Section-Township-Range 00-14-27
USGS Quarter Quad WELAKA SE ( SW )
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    Hydrology sampling site
    Closest Rainfall site
    Rainfall sampling site
    Multi-type sampling site
    Other sampling site

    Data Summary

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    This water resource is monitored by 126 sampling locations, which have collected a total of 432,374 samples ranging from 5/30/1936 to 7/15/2018. The sites sampling this water resource are:

    Datasource (click for details)Station ID
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20149
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20152
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20154
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20155
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20157
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20158
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20159
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20160
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20162
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20164
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20165
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20167
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20170
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20174
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data20178
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28482
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28483
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28486
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28488
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28490
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28492
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28495
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28497
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28499
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28500
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28503
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28504
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28505
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28507
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28879
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data28881
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data36627
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data38206
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data41585
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data45064
    FDEP Ambient Monitoring Sampling Data45073
    FDEP Central District Water Quality Data20010164
    FDEP Central District Water Quality Data20010166
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010161
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010162
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010163
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010164
    FDEP, Water Quality Standards and Special Projects (Florida)VOL334NL
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0058
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0180
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringGeorge East-Putnam
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringGeorge South-Putnam
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringGeorge-Putnam
    Legacy STORET for USEPA121001
    Legacy STORET for USEPA121002
    Legacy STORET for USEPA121004
    Legacy STORET for USEPA121005
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237558
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237559
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237560
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237561
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237562
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data237563
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data404634
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data409881
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data409886
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data410576
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data413222
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data413226
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data413234
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data429699
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data443452
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data443456
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data443460
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44672
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44673
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data451687
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data45549
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data45551
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data45637
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data45638
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55048
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55049
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55050
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55053
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55054
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55055
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55056
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55057
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data56561
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data56562
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data57305
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76484
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76487
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76489
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76490
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76492
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76494
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76495
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76499
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76500
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76502
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76505
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76509
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76513
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79862
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79863
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79866
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79868
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79872
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79875
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79877
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79879
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79883
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79885
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79887
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79889
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79891
    USGS National Water Information System02236210
    USGS National Water Information System291830081362200
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-29A
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ29

    Report Algal Blooms and Other Environmental Issues


    Every one of us contributes pollution to our streams, lakes, bays and oceans. The wastewater, dirt, and debris of our lives eventually drains downstream. Each of us must minimize our contribution to keep our waterways healthy and enjoyable. Some materials are powerful pollutants like raw sewage, petroleum, or pesticides, but even natural, biodegradable plant materials can add nitrogen to water resources and cause algal blooms and fish kills. Please use the information below to assist you in reporting an incident to the correct agency. Learn More about Reporting Pollution »

    To Report Algal Blooms and Other Environmental Issues:

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    Who to call about environmental concerns and to report environmentally harmful activities. For potentially life threatening emergencies dial 911.

    Concern or Activity Contact(s)
    Dangerous Boating / Accidents

    FWCC, Division of Boating Safety
    1-850-488-5600 (to report an accident) or
    1-888-404-3922 (to report unsafe boating)

    Algal Blooms

    FDEP 1-850-305-3903

    Fish Kill

    FWCC, Fish Kills

    General Concerns/Complaints


    Industrial Waste/Spill

    FDEP State Watch Office

    Injured Wildlife or Illegal Activities

    FWCC, Wildlife Violations
    or via cell phone, dial *FWC or #FWC depending on service carrier

    Shoreline Alterations, Wetland Impacts


    Aquatic Plant Removal


    Water Pollution, Residuals Landspreading


    Wetlands Issues/Dredge and Fill


    Source(s): USF Water Institute

    FWCC - Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    FDEP - Florida Department of Enviromental Protection

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      Get Involved


      Lake County needs you to help manage and protect its natural resources! Fill out this form, and we will contact you with more information about becoming a volunteer. Learn more about volunteering »

      0 volunteers on George, Lake have submitted a water quality sample for this water resource within the last 18 months.

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