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Lake County reminds residents of summer fertilizer restrictions

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LAKE COUNTY – In accordance with Lake County’s Fertilizer Ordinance, we remind residents of the summer fertilizer application restriction in unincorporated Lake County. From June 1 through September 30, the application of fertilizer containing phosphorus and nitrogen to residential turf grass is prohibited. Nutrient pollution is a significant issue for Lake County’s waterbodies, and this restriction is intended to help reduce the nutrient loading from urban landscapes.

The Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act requires all jurisdictions within a Spring Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) area to enact an ordinance for Florida-friendly fertilizer use on urban landscapes or equivalent. The Lake County Board of County Commissioners approved the ordinance in 2017.

Residents can use nitrogen and phosphorus-free summer fertilizer blends that contain other allowed nutrients like iron, manganese, potassium, and lime. Compost is also an option for year-round use as it is natural, eco-friendly, and excellent for soil health. Leave grass clippings on the lawn as they provide a slow-release nitrogen source.

Before applying any fertilizer or amendments, test the soil to determine what nutrients are needed. Additionally, always measure the area and read the label directions to apply the proper amount for your location.

For more information on the Lake County Effective Fertilizer Ordinance, see lakecountyfl.gov/environmental-services/fertilizer