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Reward for Tagged Black Crappie Caught in Lake Griffin

Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute will reward anglers as much as $200 per returned tag from black crappie caught in Lake Griffin. Hundreds of fish in the lake carry small, yellow tags marked with a value of $5 or $200 as well as a printed telephone number and tag number. Biologists placed the tags in the body of the fish just below the dorsal fin. Some crappie may have more than one tag. If a fish contains two tags, anglers will receive payment for both tags. The tag project is an interactive way for the public to assist biologists with the research necessary to manage the black crappie fishery. For this project, anglers are encouraged to remove the tag and treat the fish as they would normally. Anglers should mail the tags to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 601 W. Woodward Ave., Eustis, FL, 32726. Anglers must provide their name, address, phone number and signature. They’re also requested to include specific details of their catch: the tag number, catch date, name of the lake where the fish was caught, and whether the fish was kept or released. An FWC employee will telephone the angler for a Social Security number, required for processing the reward. For more information, call 352-357-2951.