Water-Related News

Water Levels in the Clermont Chain of Lakes

Why are the water levels in the Clermont chain of lakes so low while other lakes in the County remain high? There are a number of factors that determine a lake’s water level. These include the geological/hydrological setting, rainfall, evaporation, recharge to ground water, seepage into lakes, other inflow and outflow, water use (from both surface and ground water) and the size of the lake’s drainage basin in relation to the lake’s size. There appear to be multiple natural factors causing the current situation. For a detailed primer on hydrology of lakes in this area please see Hydrology of Central Florida Lake - A Primer: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1137. This Primer and other publications on water levels plus many other subjects are available through the Library found on the Water Atlas. There have been some questions asking about a dam in Polk County that might be blocking the northward flow of water into our lakes. That issue was resolved years ago and it is no longer occurring.

Please follow the link below for the circular.