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Scrub Jay Workshop to Assist in Countywide Survey

Lake County Parks & Trails Division, Public Lands Management Section, and The Nature Conservancy are hosting a Florida Scrub-jay workshop on Saturday, May 1, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at PEAR Park, located at 5336 University Ave., Leesburg.
The purpose of the workshop is to share results from the 2009 Lake County Florida Scrub-jay Survey and to get volunteers to help with the 2010 survey. The workshop will cover protocols, data entry and assign volunteers to specific Florida Scrub-jay sites to begin determining the number of jays, ages and other information vital to preserving this species in Lake County. There will also be an outdoor field training exercise with an opportunity to observe a local population of scrub-jays.
The public is also encouraged to assist in this monumental task by reporting sightings of the Scrub-jay through an online Web form located on the Parks Web page (see URL under "Contact" below)...

Additional Contact Information

Cheryl Millett

The Nature Conservancy

(863) 635-7506