Water-Related News

Landscape Best Management Practices Seminar April 14

The Lake County Adopt-a-Lake Program is holding a Landscape Best Management Practices Seminar on Wednesday, April 14, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the auditorium of the Lake County Agricultural Center, located at 1951 Woodlea Road in Tavares.

The purpose of the seminar is to provide general information and guidance on turf grass and landscape management practices to minimize Non-point Source Pollution from stormwater in order to conserve and protect Lake County's water resources.

The seminar is open to landscape professionals, people who hire professional landscapers or homeowners that perform their own landscape activities. Topics that will be covered are mowing, fertilizing, irrigating, water conservation and Florida Friendly Yards and Neighborhoods.

Additional Contact Information

Cathie Catasus

Adopt-a-Lake Program Coordinator, Lake County Department of Environmental Utilities

Cell: (352) 455-0445

(352) 253-1659