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Cities Must Decide Commitment to Desalination Plant

DeLand, Leesburg and Mount Dora have until the end of the month to decide whether to stay with the Coquina Coast project to buy treated seawater in the future.
Cities and counties interested in the desalination project face a May 28 deadline to renew their commitment to the project, which aims to tap into the Atlantic Ocean for future water-supply needs. A dozen cities and counties joined the partnership for the first phase of study, but the second phase of work will require more money.
The Coquina Coast project, led by Palm Coast officials, proposes building a plant to desalinate up to 25 million gallons of sea water and pump the treated water through a massive pipeline system, potentially stretching through several counties.
Construction on the plant could start in six years. The next phase of the work involves engineering studies of water intake and water treatment, as well as preparing the environmental information necessary for federal environmental permits.