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New Trailer Assists Lake County With Pump-outs of Residential Home-Heating Oil Tanks

A new trailer equipped with a 280-gallon tank is allowing the Lake County Department of Environmental Utilities, Water Quality Services Division, to pump out old home-heating oil tanks more cost effectively.

Environmental Utilities launched the Residential Home Heating Oil Recovery Program in 2005 to remove and dispose of old fuel oil used to heat homes. The service is provided at no cost to homeowners and is financed by the Pollution Recovery Trust Fund, which receives funds from civil penalties imposed for polluting the environment.

The Lake County Department of Public Safety, Fire Rescue Division, donated the dual-axle trailer to the program. Previously used to refuel generators, Environmental Utilities re-equipped the trailer with an air compressor, a diaphragm pump, 150 feet of hose and a 280-gallon tank.

Residents can find out if they have a buried home-heating oil tank by looking for two pipes about 6 to 10 inches apart near their house....

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To arrange for proper draining of a home heating-oil tank:

(352) 343-3776 ext. 1683