Water-Related News

Closing dam on Lake Apopka opens floodgates of criticism downstream

Not expecting to see many dark storm clouds in the coming months, regional water managers have closed a dam to stop water from flowing out of Lake Apopka through a canal.

Lake Apopka, which straddles Orange and Lake counties, already is experiencing low water levels because of little rainfall. The idea is that holding back water during the dry season will help in the ongoing efforts to improve one of Florida's most-polluted water bodies, according to the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Low water levels concentrate the nutrients that feed algae blooms and accelerate plant and wildlife deaths. But the move to halt the discharge of Lake Apopka water through the Apopka-Beauclair Canal creates a domino effect that is angering many downstream in Lake County--especially those who depend on the seasonal influx of boaters and fishermen who use the Harris Chain of Lakes during the winter and spring months.