Water-Related News

Lake County Water Authority Gives $350K in Stormwater Grants to Cities

Three Lake County cities will receive a total of $350,000 from the Lake County Water Authority for stormwater-treatment projects aimed at preventing stormwater from fouling lakes.

  • Groveland, $257,705 to design and construct French drains to treat stormwater from the roads surrounding 8-acre Lake Audrey, which now gets direct discharge from an 84-acre residential area.
  • Mount Dora, $56,295 to install a nutrient-separating sediment box at Fourth Avenue and Donnelly Street to remove pollutants in a 115-acre residential area. The project will benefit the 10-acre Lake Franklin, which has recreation and a nature park located on its shoreline.
  • Montverde, $36,000 to divert stormwater from the Highland Avenue outfall to an existing stormwater pond at Montverde Academy. Diversion from the outfall, a 19-acre basin composed of citrus groves and two roads, will keep sediment and polluted water from reaching Lake Florence.

Stormwater is the No. 1 water-quality concern that affects lakes, according to the Water Authority.