Water-Related News

South Lake Chamber, County and City to host water summit

Public invited to learn more about lake levels and water supply

CLERMONT – The South Lake Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Lake County Board of County Commissioners and the City of Clermont, will host the South Lake Water Summit on Thursday, Nov. 21, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Clermont Community Center, 620 W. Montrose St., in downtown Clermont.

The public is invited to the forum, which will delve into the problem of declining water levels in many of the south Lake County waterways and address future water supply from the aquifer.

“South Lake residents are concerned about the effect on their property values, as well as their ability to enjoy recreational activities,” Lake County Commissioner Sean Parks said. “They also are worried about whether there will be affordable water for their homes and businesses.”

In addition to the fluctuating water levels, Mike Perry, executive director of the Lake County Water Authority, will reveal the results of a recent study and share an action plan to address concerns about water resources, part of the South Lake Regional Water Initiative.

Paul Sawyer, one of the residents who lives on Lake Minnehaha, one of the lakes most affected, said he has been measuring the water levels for years and does not believe the declining levels are due to a lack of rainfall. He plans to attend the Summit to learn more about other potential contributors.

In addition to the study results, Summit presenters, including County Commissioners, the Lake County Water Authority, City of Clermont and St. Johns River Water Management District, will discuss historic comparisons of the lake levels and aquifer in addition to what is being done to address blocked culverts that are affecting water flow.

“The South Lake area is at the top of the regional water pyramid, and water as a resource knows no geographical bounds,” Chamber President Ray San Fratello said. “What first happens in South Lake on water supply issues will eventually trickle or roar into the surrounding communities in Central Florida.”

WHAT: South Lake Water Summit
WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 21, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
WHERE: Clermont Community Center, 620 W. Montrose. St., downtown Clermont