Water-Related News

Lake County urges residents to keep storm drains clean

Lake County’s recent heavy rainfall could lead to localized drainage issues. That’s why the Lake County Stormwater Section and the Adopt-a-Lake Program are reminding residents to keep their storm drains clean to help prevent flooding.

Storm drains are designed to channel excess precipitation, in the form of runoff, away from the road and into the stormwater system. Blocked storm drains cannot remove enough water from the roadway, causing localized flooding. Leaves, mulch and grass clippings in stormwater runoff can also increase nutrient loading, which negatively impacts water quality in lakes and streams. Worse yet, pet waste, antifreeze and oil all have the potential to be discharged to waterbodies when it rains.

Citizens are asked to remember the slogan “Only rain down the storm drain” and to follow these tips to help maintain clean storm drains.

  • Prevent leaves and grass clippings from entering the road and storm drain by blowing them back on the grass or bagging them
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Dispose of motor oil, paints, solvents and other chemicals properly
  • Choose appropriate ground covers and include vegetated buffers in your landscape plan
  • Wash your car on your lawn

For more information about stormwater, contact the Lake County Stormwater Section at 352-253-9084 or visit