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Water levels improve in Harris Chain, but algae blooms in south Lake worry officials

TAVARES – Water quality has improved in the Harris Chain of Lakes as pollutant levels have declined, Lake County Water Authority officials said this week.

Over the last seven years, water quality has recovered for several reasons: officials were not discharging water from Lake Apopka into the Harris Chain; and any water that does overflow from Lake Apopka has been treated through a nutrient reduction facility.

“We are seeing clearer water columns, less algae in the water column and light is getting down to the bottom, allowing for desirable vegetation to grow,” said Mike Perry, executive director of the Lake County Water Authority.

No water was discharged from Lake Apopka because of dry conditions, causing the headwaters of the Harris Chain of Lakes to be below its minimum desirable level, Perry said.

Meanwhile, the Clermont Chain of Lakes continues to have decent water quality, Perry added.

But Perry said there are more frequent algae blooms in the Clermont Chain.