Water-Related News

Mount Dora’s new water utilities dig in

With the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) moving their construction schedule for the Wekiva Parkway up by a full year, Mount Dora’s Public Works department has begun relocating utilities in earnest.

Work began a few months ago with construction of the new driveway at Wastewater Plant 2. The driveway used to enter onto eastbound 46, but because of anticipated road widening there, the new driveway will lead from the south end of the plant to exit onto the northbound lane of 441 just south of the 46-441 intersection.

As part of that work, water utilities—separate pipe lengths for water, wastewater and reclaimed water—were relocated along the new road emptying out on to 441.

Right now that’s the most visible part of the four-year, $20 million city project. Look right as you approach the SR-46 exit heading north on 441 and you’ll see the rich brown color of sandy dirt.