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Lake County encourages residents to use caution when applying fertilizer

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TAVARES— To help ensure the protection of Lake County’s water quality, the Board of County Commissioners is reminding residents to follow these tips when landscaping, fertilizing and irrigating lawns.

  • Only Rain Down the Drain. Be mindful of mulch and leaves that may be blown or washed into storm drains. Stormwater runoff often carries unwanted materials into lakes and streams.
  • Fertilize Wisely. Use fertilizer only if needed and apply in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Maintain a 10-foot setback from water bodies when applying fertilizer and clean up any that falls onto driveways or sidewalks.
  • Be Florida Friendly. Use the University of Florida’s Florida Friendly Landscaping™ principles when designing yard projects and making plant selections. For information, contact the UF/IFAS Extension in Lake County at 352-343-4101 or visit http://lake.ifas.ufl.edu.

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners has scheduled a public hearing during its regular board meeting on a proposed Fertilizer Ordinance affecting unincorporated Lake County at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 18 inside the Board Chambers, located on the second floor of the County Administration Building, 315 W. Main St., Tavares.

The proposed ordinance is being advanced to meet the Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act requirement for jurisdictions within an impaired springshed. This proposed ordinance follows the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Model Ordinance for Urban Fertilizer Application and implements existing industry accepted Best Management Practices for the application of fertilizer to urban lawns.