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Eustis considers spending millions to dredge Lake Gracie

EUSTIS – Eustis City Commissioners are looking into spending millions to convert Lake Gracie into a swimming lake through dredging.

  • Eustis leaders want to dredge Lake Gracie
  • Goal would be to turn lake into swimming lake
  • Project would cost about $4.3 million

  • William Zeller, 72, says he's lived on Lake Gracie Drive since 1958. At that time, it was lakefront living.

    "It was great for swimming, fishing. In fact, we actually would water ski in this lake. We could make a complete turn up in the north end, which is now muck,” he described.

    Zeller says they call it "Gracie Swamp" now.

    "I wouldn't venture into that lake now," he said.

    In April, commissioners decided to look into the cost of removing muck deposits and build a public sand beach.​

    Officials estimate the cost will be about $4.3 million and say the money may come from a special assessment tax.