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Lake County looking to Tallahassee for more help in combating hydrilla

Lake County Commission Chairman Tim Sullivan cringes at the mention of hydrilla, an invasive plant that is a bane to boaters.

“I’m a member of a local boat club, and believe me: I almost avoid going to the meetings because I get beat up so much about hydrilla,” he said at a commission meeting this week.

The hydrilla, with long stalks and clusters of leaves that form thick mats on the surface and hinder boat navigation, has gotten so bad on the Harris Chain of Lakes that Lake County officials worry it could threaten the county’s appeal as a fishing hot spot.

After commissioners heard that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is financially strapped to combat the submersed plants on a large scale, they decided Tuesday to ask lawmakers for more resources to eliminate the nuisance plant. Commissioners added the request to their list of legislative priorities for the session that begins in March and also appeal to FWC for more help.