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Update: Levee improvement project underway at Lake Apopka North Shore

MAITLAND — Work is underway to reconstruct about 4.4 miles of levee at the Lake Apopka North Shore. This levee not only serves as a separator between Lake Apopka and the North Shore but is also part of the St. Johns River Water Management District’s recreational Lake Apopka Loop Trail.

To date, about 2,300 square yards of lime rock have been spread and compacted on about 1,800 feet of levee. Additional material will be used to cap the levee and provide a smooth trail for visitors. When complete, the levee’s elevation will increase by about 18 inches. As work continues, portions of recreational trails at the district’s Lake Apopka North Shore remain closed.

The project, which is being completed in two phases, spans the east side of the Lake Apopka North Shore, between Magnolia Park and Laughlin Road. Current closures and detours include:

  • Phase one is underway and extends from Magnolia Park to the historic pumphouse. During this phase, the Lake Apopka Loop Trail will be closed to recreation Monday through Saturday, through late April. Weekend visitors are asked to use caution during this time.
  • Phase two extends from the historic pumphouse to Laughlin Road and will begin at the completion of the first phase. Trail closures and detours will be determined closer to the start date.

An additional levee improvement project will begin in April along the lakeside section of the Lake Apopka Loop Trail, west of Laughlin Road turning north onto Lake Levee Canal Road but will not require any trail closures. Levee improvements are also planned for the west portion of the Lake Apopka Loop Trail between the Clay Island and North Shore trailheads.

While a breach in the lakeside levee caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017 was quickly repaired, it highlighted the need to reconstruct the remaining portions of the levee to prote