Water-Related News

Clermont Chain – Villa City and Cherry Lake Dam Flow

UPDATE – Monday, Aug. 30

Predicted rainfall for the next seven days is for between 7-10 inches.

Staff is opening Cherry Lake and Villa City to high discharges this morning. Flows are estimated to be about 225 cfs.

We will continue to monitor the forecast and adjust the flows based on expected conditions.

UPDATE – Monday 8/26/19

The expected 3 inches of rainfall that was forecast on Friday afternoon never occurred. As a result, staff is reducing discharges from the Clermont Chain by cutting the gate openings in half.

We will continue to monitor the tropics to see if the long range forecast result in any dramatic increases in rainfall and adjust as necessary.

Friday 8/23/19

Staff is currently opening up the Villa City and Cherry Lake dams to release water out of the Clermont Chain. Initial flow will be over 100 cubic feet per second, but it should level out to an average of 100 cubic feet per second after the initial higher flow.

The average elevation in the chain is slightly over 97 ft with combined flows coming in from Big and Little Creek of over 200 cubic feet per second. The rainfall prediction for the next five days is for about 3 inches. With or without this rainfall, levels are likely to exceed the operational level of 97.1. We will continue to monitor actual and predicted rainfall along with discharges and make changes as necessary.