Water-Related News

Deadline approaching for LCWA stormwater grants

The Lake County Water Authority Board at their October meeting voted to fund $894,747 in stormwater grants around the County. These annual cooperative grants are designed to assist local municipalities seeking to remove total phosphorus and other pollutants such as grease, pesticides, heavy metals or animal wastes from stormwater runoff, which provides an important benefit by reducing the amount of pollution that cause excessive algal blooms and turn the lakes green. Runoff comes from various sources, including backyards, streets and parking areas and is still the largest source of water quality problems facing our lakes. The first inch of rain has been compared to raw sewage entering our local waterbodies.

The Board wants to encourage local cities to apply and locate these projects within high density, older neighborhoods and commercial sites, taking aim at stormwater hotspots that affect the Harris and Clermont Chains of Lakes.

Deadline for applications to be considered: no later than 4:00 p.m. January 24, 2019.