Water-Related News

Lake County boat ramps closed due to flooding


LAKE COUNTY (Sept. 30) – Due to historic flooding in the county from Hurricane Ian, Lake County has closed multiple boat ramps. The county’s Office of Emergency Management and Public Safety teams ask residents and visitors to stay clear of the area.

The Astor section of the St. Johns River has risen to its highest level since 1933. As a result, flooding has impacted neighborhoods and facilities directly next to the river. The river is expected to continue rising over the next few days.

The boat ramps that are now closed include:

  • Butler Street Boat Ramp
  • Pearl Street Boat Ramp
  • Lake George Boat Ramp
  • John’s Lake Boat Ramp

These areas are unsafe and should be avoided by the public. All residents should stay clear of flooded areas, as the water may be contaminated or contain hazardous material. Visitors should not travel to the area out of curiosity. No water activities should take place in the St. Johns River Astor area until water levels decrease.