Water-Related News

Oakland’s septic-to-sewer work continues

A massive ongoing project started by the town of Oakland a decade ago is proving to be a benefit to the town as more businesses choose to set up shop in Oakland. This year will mark even more change as officials continue the town’s multi-million-dollar conversion from septic to sewer.

New residential construction is being built with sewer hookups, as are large-scale commercial projects such as Lakeside Church and Tractor Supply Co. Much of it is being paid for with a combination of state legislature funds, impact fees and developer contributions.

The town’s goal has been to create a 21st-century community with 19th-century charm.

“Our goal when we started this was to get from the Lake County to the Winter Garden city limits,” said Public Works Director Mike Parker. “Lift Station 6 gets us there. The infill will be development driven. As development comes in, we will build more.”