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Lake County announces new septic tank conversion initiative

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LAKE COUNTY – The Lake County Board of County Commissioners has announced a new program to help protect and restore the county's iconic lakes and natural waterways by removing septic tanks that leech chemicals into surrounding soil. For eligible homeowners, funding is available to remove septic tanks and connect properties to Lake County’s Distributed Wastewater Treatment System.

This conversion initiative is part of Lake County’s ongoing commitment to protecting the environment by limiting nitrates and chemicals affecting water quality. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has determined that septic tanks are a major source of nutrient pollution in the state’s natural waterways. Replacing residential septic systems with tanks connected to wastewater treatment systems is a needed solution to reduce the impact of these pollutants on our environment.

During the septic tank removal process, a new miniature wastewater treatment unit will be installed underground at a residence to provide sewer service. Connected homeowners will immediately begin receiving wastewater services from the County at a flat rate.

The initial cost to connect the wastewater treatment system will be covered by the county as funding permits. Once installed, services will cost $660 per year and will be included in the home’s property tax assessment.

To check for program eligibility, residents should visit: https://bit.ly/septicprogram.